Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It Pays To Be Cute

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Years ago when we had just Jake we would occasionally go out to eat as a family. Jake was always very cute and a big hit with the waitstaff. Inevitably he would end up with a cookie or a piece of candy by the end of the meal. When we had Nate the cuteness quotient doubled. There was a diner we would go to when we were living in PA and they would give the boys little stuffed animals (pretty neat considering Nate was only a few months old). Now with four children in tow we don’t get as many treats as when we had just two. However, when I’m out with just Max and Rebecca they do score some tasty items.

Today I went to Costco with the dynamic duo. Whenever we go to Costco we stop at the bakery to watch the Cake Decorating Lady. It is fascinating watching her manipulate the huge tubs of frosting and effortlessly frost the sheet cakes. Today she was making roses for two cakes as the person who ordered them also watched. I chatted with the other customer and we agreed that we were very impressed with the Lady’s rose making skills. I confessed that every time we come to Costco we have to stop and watch. Max and Rebecca are huge fans of the bakery staff in general and the CDL in particular. When the cakes were done they were sent through the plastic wrap machine, a very cool thing to watch by the way, and the other customer went away with her two cakes.

As we were preparing to leave the CDL asked us to wait one moment, she wanted to give us something. She then proceeded to make Max and Rebecca their very own roses. The finished roses were placed into to muffin papers and leaves were then added. When she was all done she presented her creations to us and said these were for her biggest fans. Max and Rebecca’s faces lit up. I was amazed at her kindness and generosity. The CDL got big smiles, profuse thank yous and a cheery wave as we moved on.

So for lunch today Max and Rebecca had a banana, some frosting, a little soup and a sandwich. Cuteness has its advantages.

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