Monday, October 24, 2005

How Do I Love My Pediatricians...

Let me Count The Ways.

I have two more reasons to love the pediatric practice we use.

Last Monday I hauled Nate in to be checked out. He had been dragging around for over a week and had developed a nasty cough. The Doctor quickly determined it was strep based on his cough and the rawness of Nate’s throat. I was surprised, but not shocked. This time he did not have the classic lethargy or high fever, but it did fit in with the rest of the symptoms. The Doctor then told me that he decided to forgo the throat swab since Nate had a double ear infection (I would like to note here that Nate almost never complains of a sore throat or his ears hurting, he is a tough little guy. However, this makes my job much harder to tell if he is ailing or not.) The Doctor saw no sense in torturing the child any further since the antibiotics for his ear infection would knock out strep as well. I liked his sensible approach.

Today I had to bring Jake in for a recheck and to get him cleared for school. On Saturday the walk-in clinic performed a blood count and his white blood cell count was a bit more elevated that the Doctor expected. He wanted us to check base with Jake’s regular physician on Monday to make sure that he was getting better. Jake after two days of antibiotics was much improved and was, in my opinion, ready for school. Today’s Doctor agreed and sent us on our way. The nice thing was since this was a recheck we were not charged for the visit. I thought this was outstanding since the original examination was at another practice.

I really love our pediatricians. It is a group practice and I haven’t met a dud yet. They are sensible people that practice good medicine. Another plus is that they treat me as a rational and intelligent person, a nice break from some Doctors that I have dealt with in the past.

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