Friday, October 21, 2005

Geese and Cake

Yesterday I went to lunch with Meryl. The forecast called for a chance of rain with the incoming cold front so we planned to dine in the cafeteria. Max and Rebecca have been there once before and were well behaved.

The day itself turned out to be one of these brilliantly sunny days of fall. There was a nice crispness to the air and a few tiny wisps of clouds way up high in the sky. I packed lunches for the three of us and I even brought some cake to share with Meryl. It would have been a nice day to have a picnic outside, but Meryl had planned to buy her lunch and the little park has a goose problem. In other words the grass is littered with lovely little goose turds. Speakers have been set up to scare away the Canada Geese with a horrible honking cry at lets loose throughout the day, but they had them off for a while and the geese came back.

Meryl met me at the desk and was there when I signed in and collected my visitor’s badge. Then we moved on to the cafeteria. We had just sat down when I remembered that I had left Max’s applesauce in the car. One of the most common side effects of CF is the inability to digest most foods. He has no problem with fruit and lollipops, but with everything else he needs his enzymes. He needs applesauce in order to take his enzymes when he eats (small children are not able to swallow pills; we break open the capsules and sprinkle the contents on a spoonful of applesauce). I went back into the cafeteria, but no dice. I could go back to the car and fetch it, but it would be difficult to get back in without Meryl. I turned to Max and asked him if it would be ok to use ketchup instead of applesauce. I think he understood our dilemma and agreed. The funny part was his little speech to me of how he was going to tell me to bring the applesauce from the car when we were going in. He is such a trooper. When we were all done with lunch I pulled out the cake. Max and Rebecca politely declined. If it wasn’t their birthday cake, they were not interested. That and I think they were full. Meryl and I, however, enjoyed our slices.

I swear this is the last cake we will have until November, and then I have Nate’s and Meryl’s birthdays to celebrate. This cake was made from left over batter from Rebecca’s birthday cake. I used 7 inch pans for the twin’s cakes and only used 2/3 of the batter for each cake. Then I had a choice either toss the batter (horrors!) or bake little 6 inch cakes. I immediately froze the mini orange cake (a cake, when tightly wrapped, can be frozen for 1-3 months). This left me the miniature yellow cake. I still had some leftover Italian buttercream from my brother’s anniversary cake in the fridge so I decided to use it up.

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All I can say is yum, yum, yum!

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