Sunday, October 02, 2005

Happy Anniversary

A year ago today my brother got married.

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My mom and I both like his wife immensely and we gave my brother numerous subtle and not so subtle hints that he should marry her. Mind you we tried very hard not to hound him, but we wanted to make our feelings clear. The last thing we wanted to do was to spook him. The boldest thing I did was to call him up and offer him an engagement ring for him to use if he ever felt he needed one.

The ring was a pretty little diamond in a platinum setting that I had inherited from my Grandma Dot. She wasn’t my real Grandmother, but all of my grandparents had long since passed away by the time I showed up. Grandma Dot was my Great Aunt and my father was very close to her after his own parents passed away. She didn’t have any children of her own so she viewed my brother and I as her grandchildren. Her marriage to my Great Uncle had been a good one so the ring had a happy history. I don’t have a picture of the ring, but I have this photo of my father (in his Navy uniform) with Grandma Dot and Great Uncle Robert

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Anyway back to my brother.

I decided my brother was fair game after he brought his then girlfriend to a massive family reunion in August 2002. She had to endure the full brunt of our extended family and she handled it all beautifully. She endeared herself with me by helping out with Max and Rebecca. Rebecca took a real shine to her and was happy to be carried about by her new friend.

So when he did propose we were very happy.

However they wanted to get married ASAP. My mother ended up planning their wedding in less than two months. They wanted a clam bake and we were in luck, the caterer we liked was available. All we needed was a site, an officiant and a cake. My cousin offered his fields and home (his house is about 20 minutes from my Mom’s), a friend found an officiant and I made the cake.

cake slice
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It was a beautiful wedding and I wish the two of them many years of happiness together. I’ll be sending them a replica of the top layer of their cake. I should have sent it last week, but I forgot to order the chocolates in time. They could have frozen the top layer from their wedding cake, but we convinced them it was better to eat the cake now, not after being frozen for a year.

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