Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Artist of the Week: Turkey

This week’s artists are the staff at our local library. The librarians do a wonderful job every week at story time. I have faithfully taken all of my children since we moved down to Virginia. Jake was too old for the baby story time when we moved here, but the rest of the crew attended it along with story time for two year olds and story time for three to fives. I have just moved Max and Rebecca up to the three to five group this year. With the two younger groups caregivers stay in the room, but the three to fives are expected to be able to sit nicely without their guardians. It is just for 30 minutes and it is a good way for the kids to be used to a more school like environment. At the end of each session for the two older groups they send the kids home with a coloring sheet and sometimes a treat. This week we got a little edible turkey.

Rebecca inhaled hers on the way home, but Max had to wait. I didn’t bring applesauce with me; therefore he couldn’t take his enzymes. As a result I could snag this cute picture of him with his turkey before he devoured it.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

My best guess it was Mrs. C. who made the little turkeys. I’m not sure, because just last week she brought in cupcakes for her birthday. It is possible that some of the staff got together to make up these tasty little treats.

Either way I’m amazed about all the treats and little things that get passed out each week. I don’t remember the library being that much fun when I was little. It was just a place for books and food was absolutely forbidden within the building. As a result story time is a much bigger deal and is eagerly anticipated each week.

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