Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Well I’m Glad That’s Over

The polls are closed so now I can answer the phone without trepidation. This past week we have had canned phone calls from Al Gore, Rudolf Giuliani, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. I have decided that it is a very bad thing to live in one of the only two states that are having a gubernatorial election, but it is entertaining.

Normally if I answer the phone and I get the telltale long pause with a series of clicks I hang up. But after Al and Rudy left messages on our voice mail last week I decided to hang in there and see who else would call. Sadly, I personally did not answer the phone for George and Bill, but I do like the fact that they are both in my voice mail.

So you ask why are both parties harassing us.

For various reasons Larry has ended up on the Republican mailing list. I, meanwhile, have ended up on the bleeding heart liberal list due to the charities I contribute to. In reality we are neither. We actually vote on the issues and not just the party. I guess we are just special.

But for now the phone calls and mailings are over. That is, until the next election cycle.

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