Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday Three: Work

This week’s Axis of Weevil Thursday Three is all about work. Terry posts the following:

And entirely appropriate to the occasion, given the amount of stuff I have to do, it this week's questions are both supplied by our intrepid University Research Cadre AND deal with work! Hard to beat that, my friends.

SO, to get right into it:

1. What is the thing you like best about your job?
2. What one thing--mind you THING (i.e., not people)--that you would like most to change about your job?
3. What do you wish people knew about your job that you think they don’t?

Now, just because you don’t get a paycheck DOESN’T mean you can’t play along--working at home with kids is just as much a job as coming to work in a dead gray civil-service job of never-ending meaninglessness.

Not that I know anyone with a job like that.

Well I guess first off I should give a brief job description. I am the primary caregiver to four, yes four, rambunctious, loud and loving children ranging from 9 years old on down to four. I cook, shop and theoretically maintain this household. A portion of my time is also sent ferrying the said children about. We also have dogs, but they are not so much as a job, but rather a hobby.
  1. I like the unlimited hugs and kisses with the occasional “I wuv you.” Basically I like the fact that I am here for my children and I get to be apart of all that happens and affects their lives. I’m molding tomorrow’s citizens and it is an monumental task. On a more prosaic level I like how I can stretch out on the couch mid-day and “rest my eyes.” Full access to the refrigerator and pantry are also a plus.

  2. I would like it if someone could come in and do all the cleaning every day. I guess what I want is a full janitorial staff that follows the kids around. It would also be nice to be paid, but for that to happen we would all have to pay more taxes and I don’t want the government poking its nose into my family. So I am happy to skip the paycheck.

  3. I would like it if people would acknowledge the fact that I do have a brain. My children are fairly smart and I really do have to do a fair amount of mental work to keep on top of things. Also it would be nice if people were aware that this job can be at times a never ending grind. Sometimes I’m not at my best and we all get a bit frayed around the edges at times. I try my best and generally I can take my children to public places without too much embarrassment on my part. Though there have been times when I have to do something and I have to carry a screaming small person and finish my mission. The only reason I stay up late at night is so I can have some time for myself.

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