Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hey! What's That in the Woods?

Remember that shed we are building?

When I last left off we had built the floor, roughly leveled it and constructed three of the four sides. Then our building project went on hiatus due to menacing hurricanes and seemingly endless rain.

Well last Sunday we finally built the forth wall and got them all erected!

It was not an easy task. The walls had to fit together just so and they were a bit heavier than I could manage even with Larry doing the bulk of the lifting. But we persevered and now we have something that looks almost shed like on our property. No children were squashed, but it was a close thing. They insisted on being right with us when we were putting the walls up.

I’ll be assembling the roof supports this week and *maybe* we will get them up next Sunday along with the roof deck. Larry is even thinking of taking a day off from work to do the shingling. Then we will only have two loose canons to fend off. Our goal is to have it built before winter.

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