Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Artist of the Week: Mozart

It turns out that, contrary to what the walk-in clinic claimed, Nate has a rip roaring case of strep throat. After four days of antibiotics he was still feverish and feeling poorly, so I took him to his regular pediatrician’s office. They did a throat culture and low and behold it was faintly positive for strep. It was then decided a new and different course of antibiotics were needed. So for the fourth day in a row I got to stop by the pharmacy again. Ah! What an exciting life I lead.

Anyway, as I mentioned here Nate was very disappointed that he did not get to perform at the spring recital. As I was pondering who would get to be the AOTW I realized I had an opportunity to give Nate his recital.

Without further ado here is Nate performing Sonata in A, K. 331: Variation VI

He isn’t as nicely dressed as he would have been and he looks a bit peaked, but he did a nice job.

I guess I should make him a cake since he missed out on the official cake at the recital.

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