Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Some Questions Shouldn't be Answered

My kitchen is fairly child friendly. One of the lower cupboards has two bins, one is for plastic bowls and the other is for plastic cups and (if they have them) their tops. Whenever one of the shorter members of the family gets a little parched they can get their own cup and fill it off of the spout on the outside of the fridge door. When they are hungry they can dig out the bowl of their choice and I can help them fill it. The plastic ware can also be taken outside during snack time or for use in the wading pool or the sandbox.

This morning Rebecca was digging around the cup bin in search of a particular cup, she had already found the top which had a nifty straw already in it. After some fruitless searching she asked me to help her in her quest. I was happy to oblige and went over to help. After an extensive search I came up empty. She was unperturbed and waved me off with a cheerful “that’s fine.”

A few minutes later, with a cup in hand, she came up to me and asked “How you make slime?”

I was a bit distracted and started off by saying “Oh, it has a bunch of stuff in it.” I then tried to remember what the ingredients actually are.

Suddenly, I paused and thought about the ramifications of this question. This was Rebecca, the girl who likes to make all sorts of disgusting messes. This was not just an academic question.

“No... Rebecca you will not be making slime.”

She then pouted for a bit and then flounced away. Thwarted for now in her quest to make something vile.

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