Monday, May 15, 2006

My Mother's Day

Yesterday I had a very nice Mother’s Day. I didn’t get to sleep in, but Larry did take the whole crew with him when he drove Jake and Nate to Hebrew school. Normally Max and Rebecca stay home with me, but this time I got to slob around in my pjs, read in bed, watch bad tv and putter about the house. It was very peaceful and relaxing, a very nice present and a nice change of pace. And the only cooking I did were the sausages in the morning. Larry offered to cook them, but I *like* cooking sausages.

Shortly before they all took off, the boys presented me with the traditional handmade cards. Jake made me one of his wonderful heart and snail cards and I found out in Nate’s card that he thinks I’m smart because I know 100 X 1000.

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The flowers were picked yesterday by Max, Rebecca and Jake. They may be just clover, dandelions and a clematis, but I think they are beautiful.

Motherhood is a hard job. The hours are lousy and the pay is the pits, but I do love the perks.

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