Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Three: Harmonic Convergence

This week we have from Possumblog a musical Thursday Three. Terry has a few questions about our listening selections.
Kids today!

And parents!

Today's Harmonic Convergence Issue of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three is devoted to both of those species, and specifically to the certain likes or dislikes that they share.
This particular set of questions was inspired by one of Mr. Skinnydan’s (not his real name) answers to last week’s T-3 regarding sounds he remembered from childhood. His?
Music. My dad at the piano in the house, playing stuff I liked, stuff he liked. I remember especially a time when his likes and mine coincided far more than they do now.
Hmm--interesting. AND SO, this week we would like to know the following:

1) What sort of music did your parents listen to when you were young that you liked?
2) If you have kids, is there anything you listen to that THEY like? (If you don’t have kids, you are free to make up anything to go here.)
3) What was the first recorded music (of whatever medium--wax cylinder, 78 or 45 discs, vinyl LP, RTR, 8-track, cassette, CD, downloaded MP3) you ever bought with your own money?

As always, everyone is encouraged to play along by either leaving your comments below, or a link to your blog.

1) I honestly don’t remember much of my parents music, but there were a few things that stick out. I liked Herb Alpert and both my brother and I thought that this album cover was hilarious. Then there was an assortment of classical music with Holtz’s “The Planets” being a particular favorite.

2) They have little choice at this point. Their music is a subset of our music, at one point we had them completely addicted to The Beatles and David Bowie. When we drive around we listen to the motley collection of CDs in the car and the radio. The boys really like Smash Mouth, thanks to Shrek ; Clocks by Coldplay and “The Imperial March” from Star Wars.

3) My very first musical purchase was The Beatles “Red Album” in vinyl. I still actually have it, but we haven’t set up our turntable since our last move which was seven years ago. I still am a big Beatles fan and we have a fair number of their albums on CD now. I’m delighted that our children enjoy the Fab Four as well. Nowadays all our musical purchases are CDs. A much easier medium than the fragile LP, but I do miss the nice large format of the old vinyl album covers. I like a little bit of everything, from classical to punk, ska, grunge, electronica, what have you. I remember how shocked my brother in law was when I told him I like Nine Inch Nails. He thought it was much too dark and out of character for me. The only stuff I don’t like is the really hard core metal and gangster rap. Oh and the ilk of Kenny G. and other such bits o’fluff.

As a bit of a musical side note, I realized I was getting old when my local supermarket started playing music from my college days. On one hand I really enjoyed grooving to Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love,” but on the other hand I found it to be slightly disturbing to listen to as I was picking out veggies in the produce aisle.

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Anonymous said...

I'm too lazy to look it up, but one day soon, if not now, I am certain I will walk into an elevator and the background Muzac will be a version of "Love in an Elevator."