Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I just got back from my dog club meeting and I think I’m officially doomed.

Doomed I tell you, doomed.

Last March I was approached by club members to become the next club president. This is not the first time I have been approached. Two years ago I fended them off with the excuse of twin two year olds and threw them a bone by being vice president. I no longer could use the toddler excuse and I realized that odds are that no one else would take the job. I think I got tapped because I generally play well with others and I haven’t pissed off anybody... yet. So I agreed and on July 10 I was placed on the official nominating committee’s slate of officers.

Dog clubs, like many other hobby based clubs can become very contentious affairs. The clubs are filled with people very passionate about the subject and as a result tempers can and do flare. I think the fact that it is a hobby makes the turf wars even more intense. There have been various incidents between board members, club officers and club members for the past few years. Fortunately, for the most part, people have been able to get along or at least reach a sort of uneasy truce. But something has been in the air lately and the president has been steeling herself for this evening’s meeting.

Anyway, back to my impending doom.

Tonight the floor was opened for nominations from the club members. The president decided we would go through the slate a position at a time to create an orderly process. First up was president. At that point I looked out at the assembled club members, smiled and said “I won’t be offended if anybody else wants the job.” This created a titter of laughter and helped eased the tension.

Nobody else was nominated.

In fact the whole process went as smooth as silk. I guess the whole mess has blown over or the fact that I had my two oldest at the meeting put people on their best behavior (Larry had a soccer coach meeting and he got the wee ones. At least his meeting was geared towards coaches and kids, my crowd is less child tolerant.)

So I guess the job is mine, unless nobody votes for me.


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