Monday, August 21, 2006

Perfect Max

Max is our lone blond. He spends his days with his dark haired and dark eyed siblings. Only his father has the same blue eyes. Our pediatrician refers to him as the white sheep of the family. Genetically he is recessive, from his coloring to his Cystic Fibrosis, in all but one way. The lone exception is his personality. He is as boisterous and as outgoing as all his siblings.

Lately we have noticed that he is attracted to fellow blondes. When the soccer coaches came over for dinner, he wanted Craig to sit next to him because “He has hair like me!” His favorite character in Buckaroo Banzai is Perfect Tommy. The hair color comes from a bottle, but he is blond none the less.

In fact Max is so taken with Perfect Tommy that he was excited when he was dressed just like him.

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Of course this was from a four year olds perspective and it entailed Max having an unbuttoned shirt.

At the end of the movie the cast is the team march at the Sepulveda Dam in the San Fernando Valley. At one point there is a shot of Perfect Tommy with a bare chest under his jacket. So for Max to be dressed like Perfect Tommy you need to have an unbuttoned shirt (although in the movie it looks more like an unbuttoned jacket that is without a shirt underneath.)

I tried calling him Perfect Max, but he didn’t like that. He is “Just Max” and he only happens to be dressed like Perfect Tommy.

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