Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Year in Uruguay

I just added a blog, A Year in Uruguay, to my blog roll over there on the right.

I noticed the blog in my referer logs the other night. The url: grabbed my attention. I know someone with the same name; he is a very good friend of my husband from grad school. It had to be our Chuck, how many other Chuck Stulls could there be? When I clicked over I was happy to see our friend. He is a little bit older and greyer from when I saw him last (and so am I), but he is clearly the same guy.

He and his family are on sabbatical in Uruguay for the next year. So far he has posted some gorgeous photos.

The funny part was when I told Larry about Chuck’s site. Larry’s response was “Didn’t I tell you about that?”


What a small world it is.

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