Friday, March 23, 2007


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Today we dined alfresco. Spring is here and with it comes that short period of time when it is pleasant to eat outside. The humidity hasn’t started up, the pollen counts are low and the bugs are not yet in full force.

Max was a bit leery at first, he is a little bug phobic and he spotted a yellow jacket over by the hammock today. But, I pointed out that there weren’t any up on the deck. After a bit of grumbling he got over it. I think it was when he said he was eating inside and I told him that he would be by himself. His drop dropped and he then decided that a table for one inside wasn’t so appealing.

It was lovely tonight only a few gnats were about. At one point Nate started to wave his hand and started to say “It’s nice out, but...” and then I cut him off. I didn’t want him to bring up the bugs. I knew it would spook Max and I didn’t want him to bolt inside with his dinner half eaten. I told Nate that Max had a problem with what he was about to mention. Nate quickly understood and changed the subject. Meanwhile Jake was dying to know what it was all about. For once I was able to stop his relentless “what” by telling him I would explain all after diner. When Max went inside for a moment I brought Jake up to speed and all was right in the world.

There won’t be many more nights like this. My nose is telling me that the pollen is coming and so are the bugs.

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