Monday, March 05, 2007

Letting Go

Yesterday in honor of Purim we made hamantashen. I have a hard time letting the kids help me bake. Oh I’m happy to let them add ingredients and stir, but with the actual finishing touches I’m loath to let them loose. It is important to me that the food looks right as well as be delicious. Presentation is important; food should be a feast for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Yesterday I actually let go for a little bit.

At first only Rebecca was interested. She help mixed the ingredients and carefully supervised all additions to the dough. After the dough was properly chilled I rolled out a portion and proceeded to cut out a few circles. Rebecca was intrigued by the chocolate filling and I let her put a few dollops on the circles of cookie dough. She did a decent job at first, and then she got a little over exuberant and started overloading the cookies. After scraping up a bit of the excess filling I suggested that maybe I should take over. At this point she had her fill and happily relinquished the spoon.

Then Jake asked to help out. I was rolling out the dough at the time and decided he could cut out the cookies.

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It is just the kind of job he likes. The plastic goblet I use as a circular cookie cutter fit well in his hand and he enjoyed puzzling out how many he could cut out each time.

Meanwhile Nate wanted to help too. So I took a deep breath and let him fold the cookies.

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He a made a few squishy ones, and some had their filling squirt out, but he did listen and learn.

Max and Rebecca were fascinated and were eagerly anticipating the finished treats.

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And this is how they turned out.

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They look good and taste marvelous. Next time they’ll be even better.

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