Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Three: In Bed

This week the Axis of Weevil refuses to get out of bed and wants to have a little pillow talk.

To sleep, perchance to answer a blog quiz...

That's right, fans, it's Thursday, and that can only mean one of several million things, but in this particular case we're talkin' The Axis of Weevil Thursday Three, America's Most Restful Diversion!

As you recall from last week, if you recall, I thought I might still be a ward of the courts and so the call went out for hosting volunteers. I received no one willing to demean themselves quite THAT far, but one intrepid soul did send along a nice set of questions that we'll get to in just a moment.

As always, we invite you to play along by either answering the questions in the comment section below or by leaving a link to your own blog. Anyone can play, assuming you can read and write in English, or failing that, Alabamanese.

SO THEN, on with the show--

In honor of losing an hour of sleep this weekend, I [meaning Jim] propose The Wonderful Night's Sleep Thursday Three:

1. Do you sleep on a feather pillow or foam?

2. Do you like a firm or soft mattress—or other if you're an old hippie?

3. Do you keep it cold and sleep under lots of cover, or hot and only a sheet?

There you go now--slip on your flannel jammies or that naughty scrap of silk that I like so much and go figure your responses.

Hmm, the bed. Since it seems to be my turn to get what plague currently ails the family and all I want to do is to curl up in bed, this is a very appropriate set of questions.

1) Neither, we have hyper-allergenic fiber filled pillows. I can’t sleep on the down filled ones and I can’t stand the foam. We have four pillows on our bed, two soft and two firm. The firm ones provide a nice base and the soft ones are nice to bury your head in or under. They need replacing, but I hate shopping for pillows. It’s hard to get a good feel for a pillow if you can’t properly lie down and test it out.

2) I like a fairly firm mattress, but I think my husband would like it a wee bit softer. I can’t stand super soft mattresses, I feel like I’m getting sucked down into its maw. Sofa beds are right out. I have yet to have slept in a good one. When we were up in Long Island for the Bar Mitzvah, two of the kids got stuck on the fold out.

3) Because of the odd design of our house the master bedroom is much colder than the rest of the house. It is a combination of being at the end of the heating duct, the room being over the unheated garage and having windows on three sides of the room. The room has lots of natural light and isolated from the din generated by the kids, but it is downright chilly. I could crank up the heat, but it would make the rest of the second floor intolerable and I’m too cheap to do that. Then again I like sleeping in a warm bed in a cool room. I bury myself under the sheets with a blanket, a quilt and a comforter piled on top. I’ll stick out a foot for thermal regulation.

Now I have to go pick up the dynamic duo from preschool and try to convince them that letting mommy nap is a fun game.

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