Monday, March 12, 2007

I Want My 15 Minutes Back

This morning I got treated to an over the top tantrum over... bagels.

After Hebrew school Larry stops at a halfway decent bagel shop and picks up a baker’s dozen to bring home. Jake and Nate love picking out the bagels and each gets to nosh on one during the ride back home.

A dozen bagels doesn’t last very long in our house, all of the male members in this household love bagels. Even John snagged half of one and then tried to get the rest after I wrested his prize away.

This morning Jake decided to have one for breakfast, there was only two and half left: one sesame seed, one poppy seed and half a plain. Nate longingly looked on as Jake fished out the sesame and began slathering on the cream cheese. Then the sniping began.

Nate wanted a bagel, but Jake decided that the one left in the bag was his too, even though he had another in his hand.

I told Nate he could have the poppy seed one for breakfast at which point Jake howled.

“I was saving that!”

“You already had three, I only got two!” was Nate’s rejoinder.

“But I was looking forward to having the poppy seed; I was saving it for last.”

I then offered to cut the poppy seed one in half, Nate would get that with the plain half that was left in the bag and Jake would get the other half of the poppy.

“No!!!!!!! That’s not fair!!!!!”

And so the tantrum began.

After about fifteen minutes of some very loud and tearful drama from my eldest I noticed that it was time to leave for the bus and hustled the boys out under much protest from Jake. I only got him to leave after I asked him if he wanted me to tell the school he was late because he had a tantrum over bagels and missed the bus.

Nate was just able to finish his half of the poppy seed bagel and Jake’s sesame laid uneaten on the counter.

If this is what I have to endure with bagels, I don’t want then in my home any more and I want my 15 minutes back.

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