Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Three: Australlian Version

Terry is very busy, or at least he *claims* he's busy and asks for help with this week's Thursday Three.
Deep South Version of the Thursday Three!

Many thanks to someone even MORE Southern than I am for stepping in today with a set of questions for the Thursday Three, the Favorite International Blog Question Thing! Many thanks this morning to Kitchen Hand (not his real name) who kindly volunteered to help out with the following questions. Remember, anyone is free to play along either by leaving your comments below or a link back to your own blog.

SO, here we go:

Thursday Three Questions:

1) Here, it is the first day of autumn - Wednesday 1st of March. However, in some parts of the world, the new seasons do not arrive until the 19th of the month, or later; due to large cattle breeds called solstices and equinoxes that issue huge amounts of methane, which increases global warming and makes the seasons run late. Question: what is your favourite season, and why?

2) When you started your weblog, did you deliberate over whether to choose a nom-de-blog or use your real identity? What swayed you either way?

3) Discussing religion, politics or sex has always been impolite at cocktail parties, because of the risk of embarrassing face-to-face arguments. However, this is not a cocktail party, but a blog. And since the whole point of a blog is to have robust discussions, make a comment on the first thing that comes to your mind about religion, politics or sex. Pour yourself a martini first, if it helps. Don't forget the olive.

I rather have a mudslide, but a good gin and tonic will do.

1) Well I love winter, but it is usually not up to snuff down here in ol' Virginny and especially this year. I want snow and lots of with beautiful bright clear days. So I have three to choose from. Summer is too hot, I love going to the beach, but I melt when the temperatures are greater than the mid-eighties. Spring is lovely with the mild temps, spring breezes and all the pretty flowers, but with the flowers comes pollen. Blech. This leaves autumn, clear days with a crispness to the air, the brilliant fall foliage and all the wonderful foods associated with that time of year. So hands down, fall wins.

2) I'm sort of the opposite of Terry. I try not to bandy my full name about and where I live, but my family all knows about and reads my blog. I have found it is a great way for friends and family to keep up on our doings. I know my mother (Hi Mom!) feels much more connected than before the blog. I try to be low key about my name because there are some real nuts out there.

3) I have the same view point on all three, you can believe, practice or do whatever you want as long as every one is a consenting adult. Just don't expect me or require me to do as exactly as you. It's all about respect.

So give me some pumpkin pie with a tall glass of cider and we'll all wave to my family as I hide behind my dark glasses, just don't bug me about what I am and what I do.

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