Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Three: Where Do You Go?

This week the Thursday Three hits the road.


Once more the calendar grinds around to Thursday, and once more we slather upon the viewing public yet another Axis of Weevil Thursday Three! Today we’re going to talk about hometown landmarks, so all of you get your pencils ready and answer the following three questions:

1) If you only had one hour to show a visitor something interesting in your hometown, where would you go?

2) If you then had to find that friend a great place for a quick bite to eat, where would you go?

3) Now that you’ve entertained and fed your friend, it’s time to send him on his way. You’re not sure which way he’s going, but he’s got a fast red convertible, and you want him to see something nice as he drives. What route from your home to someplace else, either to the north, south, east, or west would you recommend to him as the most scenic drive?

Man, I wish I was the friend in this story! ANYway, go and answer those and either leave a link to your blog in the comments below, or the actual answer itself.

Well we do have friends coming to visit in May, but they’ll be able to stay a bit longer than the above friend.

1) I’m torn on what to show a visitor to the area. On one hand we could go to Maymont, which has glorious views of the James River and something for everyone. For families there is a Nature Center, Children’s Farm and Wildlife Exhibits. For the horticulturally minded there are some exquisite gardens around the mansion. Then there is the house itself which according to the website “Among historic house museums, Maymont House is rare in that no intervening families or adaptive conversions separate us from the original owner’s 32-year occupancy.” I haven’t been inside the house yet, but it is on my list of things to do.

Then there is Hollywood Cemetery. It too is located along the James River and is a one of the most unique tourist attractions I have ever been too. It is the final resting place to two U.S. presidents (Monroe and Tyler), the only President of the Confederacy (Jefferson Davis) and... well the list goes on and on. It is also home to a ninety foot dry stone pyramid that was erected in honor of the Confederate dead. It is a beutiful place to visit and is open to the public and free of charge.

2)I’m going to have to go with Brock’s BBQ since I just went there with Meryl for IEATAPETA. The buffet is a good value at $6.95 and the wait staff is terrific. They have terrific fried chicken, pulled BBQ and we love the hush puppies. Dessert, of course, will be at my house.

3)For scenic drives I’d send my friend done Virginia route 5 to Williamsburg. It is a lovely winding road that features five plantations and is a far nicer drive than Interstate 64. This past fall I drove on it to go to a dog show and I got to see a fox hunt just before they let loose the hounds. It was a beautiful sight on a crisp autumn day.

So come on over to the Richmond area and you’ll have a good time.

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