Friday, March 09, 2007

What to do with Little Miss Rebecca

Soccer and baseball has started. Jake is continuing on with soccer and has already had two practices. Nate is playing baseball and he too has had two practices. Max will have his first t-ball practice tomorrow. With three boys in three different leagues this spring will be a busy one.

But what about Rebecca, what will she be doing?

Last week she said soccer, but the registration period had already closed and short of my volunteering to coach I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Then she mentioned Karate. This would be very doable since there is a fairly good place not far from our house. Rebecca and I went and watched the 4-5 year old class last Friday night. At first she didn’t want to enter, but soon she was entranced. I even caught her a few times trying to imitate a few of the moves. But it all came apart when the instructor running the desk called us over. Rebecca sat in the chair sullen and unresponsive. All she wanted to do was go home. She would then twist around and watch the class. At that point her face would light up as she watched the other kids. It was so very frustrating for me as a parent. On one hand I had a child that loved watching, but she would become impossible and would refused point blank if asked if she wanted to join. She is very much like her oldest brother in that respect. He never wants to try new things and always has to be forced under great protest to only have a wonderful time in the end.

So now what will she do?

She loves dancing, so I think we will check out some ballet classes. I had a fabulous instructor when I was very young. I had horribly turned in feet when I was little. At that time most doctors would have had me fitted with braces and such, but ours was an enlightened fellow and he recommended ballet to stretch out my muscles and straighten my feet. And it worked. I loved it at the time and I’m not sure why I quit, it may have been the siren call of riding lessons, I’m not sure. Any way I think my daughter would enjoy learning how to dance. The hard part will be finding a place that is not too militant and doesn’t go for some of the huge overdone recitals that seem to be in vogue now. I think one costume is enough.

Maybe we could both learn to flamenco, The Manolo has this wonderful clip up on his site, enjoy.

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