Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Three: STAT

Today Terry wants answers and he wants them NOW!

Down and Dirty Thursday Three

Okay, no time for long-windedness and literary flourishes--answer these questions, NOW!:

1. What are you supposed to be doing RIGHT NOW? (Aside from answering these questions, of course.)

2. How long is it going to take you?

3. What do you have to do after that?

GO! RUN! Get your keyboard and leave a comment or a link to your blog.

Run? Why should I run when I’m already here?

1) Right now I should be calling up various dachshund club members and remind them that they should all play nicely together. That is, stop spreading rumors and innuendo. This is just one of the many fun jobs I got when I was elected president, because I have the best social skills of the lot, which frightens me to no end.

2) The two calls shouldn’t take very long. The chattier of the two should take about 20 minutes and the other about 10. The trick is getting a hold of everybody. Hopefully I’ll get it done before the boys come home from school.

3) At 1:00 pm I have to pick up Max and Rebecca from preschool and at some point I need to talk to the middle school guidance consular about Jake’s elective next year. Jake was a bit fuzzy on which one to choose so I offered to make a call and get more details. He is deciding between band, which lasts for the whole year and Explorations 6, which changes every 9 weeks. He couldn’t remember all of the different offerings that E6 rotated between.

Ah, the excitement of the stay at home mom with four kids that is also involved in the not so high stakes world of pure bred dogs. Some days both groups could use a long time out.

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