Friday, June 17, 2005

Gratuitous Puppy Pictures

I just got some wonderful group photos of the puppies. The larger puppies are longhaired dachshunds and they are 10 days older than the smooth (aka shorthaired) dachshunds.

The smooth pups are what interest me since I own their father (Crunch) and their half-brother (John). But I was really taken with this particular picture.

Sweet face Posted by Hello

Isn’t that the sweetest face you have ever seen? I prefer smooths, but the longs are utterly adorable when they are puppies.

This is a fun photo of two of the older puppies sandwiching four of their younger foster siblings.

Two longs and four smooths Posted by Hello

The puppies keep getting cuter and cuter, but then I think back to how much work they can be.

I like my two old dogs and older pup.

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