Friday, June 10, 2005

Oh My...

I think I have hit upon my best dessert yet.

I have all these strawberries from my garden share and I need a way to use them. We have eaten them plain and I have made Jordana’s yummy Strawberry Lemon Muffins, but we need something new.

I was poking around on the web when I found a recipe for Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Cake. It looked very good, but I thought the mousse recipe was somewhat lame. Come on, corn syrup in chocolate mousse? So then I started hunting in earnest for a good chocolate mousse. I found it.

vast quantities of chocolate, check
tons of cream, check
lots of eggs, check
alcohol, check
coffee, check

We have an artery clogging winner!

So I made it today. Here is a picture with just the strawberry layer sitting on a chocolate cookie crumb crust.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

The mousse is fantastic. The mousse itself is smooth and light. It has a rich dark chocolate flavor that is not too bitter and not too sweet. It tastes good even before it has been chilled. Here is the cake pan with the chocolate mousse layer on top.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

Oh look, there is some extra chocolate mousse left over. Whatever will I do with it?

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