Friday, June 24, 2005

Tastes of Summer

Last night we got to have the first corn and the first tomato of the summer.

Tastes of Summer
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Our garden share this week had two tomatoes that had been grown in Amy’s hoop house, one yellow and one red. She grows various heirloom varietals (I can’t remember the names because I lost my sheet) which are much more flavorful than your average store bought tomato. I sliced up the red one and spread out the slices. Then I drizzled some balsamic vinegar on top and added fresh basil and a little salt and pepper. I let that sit while I cooked the corn.

I got the corn from another vender that Meryl and I refer to as “Green Bean Guy.” He always has the best green beans. I actually stopped by his stall to see if he had any green beans (for both Meryl and Me), when I spied the corn. Last summer he had some very good corn. I’m a bit of a corn snob and I haven’t gotten any yet this year. I like my corn to be very fresh and won’t buy it at the supermarket. It’s too early in the season and heaven knows where it came from. But this looked good and I remembered how sweet it was last summer. I picked out a half dozen ears. Larry is out of town and this would be one ear apiece with one for the pot. I didn’t want to get more in case it turned out to be awful. I tucked the corn into my cooler with the other perishables. Later, when I shucked the corn, I was pleased to note that the kernels were plump and shiny.

My plan was that we were all going to have hotdogs and corn for dinner. However, when I got the hotdogs out I only had three left. Max and Rebecca only need half a dog, but what would I have? I rooted about in the freezer and turned up some Italian sausages. They would do nicely, especially if I cooked up some onions.

Everything was delicious. The kids gobbled up the corn and asked for more. I should have gotten ten ears and not just six. Oh well, next week I’ll get more. Rebecca had several slices of tomato as did (surprise, surprise) Jake. Max and Nate passed, which was fine by me. It meant more tomato for me to enjoy.

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