Monday, March 13, 2006

The Hunt Continues

As I have written before I’m looking for a dress. As per Janis’s suggestion I checked out Nordstroms online. I found one possibilty that also comes in wine. The price is right and I think it is a nice dress. So today I trekked up to our relatively local Nordstroms to see what they have. Ideally I would like to see the dress in question and try it on, but I’m always up for new ideas.

Sadly they did not have the dress, but they had some other nice options that I got to try on. The good news is that I am what size I thought I am and the sizing seems to be consistent among their dresses. I think however, that I am going to keep looking. I have one other store to check out. It is called Lex’s and I have had very good luck with them before. The main reason that I have not gone there yet is that parking is a bear around the store and I do not relish bringing my entourage along with me.

Oh and here is a selection of not over my dead body dresses. Larry thought the first one looked like lingerie and what is going on with the models hair in dresses number two and three? There are some very interesting fashions available.

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