Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Randomness of 4

This morning Max desperately wanted to wear his spider gloves. He was already decked out in his Spiderman shirt and pants, Spiderman underwear, Spiderman sneakers, and Spiderman coat. To say he is a fan of the webcrawler is an understatement. He even has a Spiderman toothbrush.

I refused his demands. I was trying to herd everybody in the car to go to the bus stop. I did not have the time or inclination to dig around for his spider gloves. It was already in the low fifties and he did not need gloves. Max noisily disagreed. He wanted his gloves and if he didn’t get them he was “going to be very angry with me.”

Well at least he used his words.

I told him he was very rude and I was not going to change my mind. Everybody got into the car and we went to the bus stop.

Max crabbed the whole time we waited. After the boys got on the bus he demanded that we return home for his gloves. His hands were going to get very cold and he was still angry with me.

I told him no dice. We were going food shopping and that was that. I was not going to get his gloves. We then pulled away from the bus stop and on to our errands. After a moment Max fell silent. Obviously I was not going to cave into his demands.

A few miles later he wanted to know if we could turn on the sprinklers when we got back home.

I laughed and told him no, it was still to cold for them to play in the sprinklers. I then reminded him that it will be sprinkler time when they can wear shorts and a short sleeved shirt outside without a coat.

I guess he really didn’t need those gloves after all.

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