Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Three: Whatcha Doing?

This week’s edition of is a just a quick whatcha y’all up to while Terry slaves away in the salt mines. Papa Possum posts the following:
As you all know, lately it has become my custom to rely upon the kindness of strangers to supply questions for the T-3, and this week’s no exception. Thankfully, given that the amount of time I have this week to devote to such diversions is small, the questions are of the short, sweet, and simple variety. (And no, I do not believe this has anything to do with their author.)

SO THEN, let’s get on with the parade! The questions are these:

1. Whatcha reading?
2. …Listening to?
3. …Watching?

AND, in one of the biggest surprises of all, A BONUS QUESTION— Whatcha cooking?

Since our questionist didn’t specify, I figure you can be as literal or figurative as you want to be when it comes to defining things like time and material. Right now you’re reading this, right? Well, if you want to put that down, go ahead. Cooking up a big batch of manatee lasagna in a couple of weeks? Same deal.
Just leave your answers in the comments below or a link to your site and we’ll all come over and see what’s there.

1) I have been reading “Toby the Tram Engine”, “A Dinosaur Named Sue”, the My Little Pony Storybooks Collection and... Ohhhhh maybe you mean books I *want* to read. Well I just finished “Mammoth” by John Varley and “Who’s Sorry Now?” by Jill Churchill. They were both pretty good reads. The Varley book was a bit more interesting for me, because I love science fiction. The funny part is how I got to read these particular two books. Every week (either Wednesday or Thursday) I take Max and Rebecca to the local library for story time. Afterwards we check out a bunch of books for them and their brothers from the children’s section. On the way to the checkout desk we pass by the display of all the new books at the library. From that display we (mostly Max and Rebecca) pick out my two reading selections. I do have an ultimate veto and on occasion I do venture into the stacks, but I kind of enjoy this rather haphazard system. I get exposed to new (to me) authors and the wee ones get to pick out something for mommy. This week’s selections are “Forever Odd” by Dean Koontz (I really wanted this one) and “Whores on the Hill” by Colleen Curran.

2) I don’t listen to much music. Currently I’m enjoying the mix cd my husband made for me for Valentine ’s Day, Klaus Nomi (a very unique man with an amazing voice) and the car radio.

3) CSI: Miami (as I have said before, beautiful dead bodies in bikinis), numb3rs, and anything that catches my fancy as I surf along.

Bonus! I’ll be making some chocolate chip banana muffins this weekend and maybe some penuche for Sabbath. It makes a nice sweet treat for the end of the week.

And that’s it for me. I just had a lovely picnic lunch with Meryl, Max and Rebecca in our 70+ weather. As an added bonus I got to see one of these with... drum roll please... a car seat firmly affixed to the passenger seat (turns out the owner has six kids). Never would have expected to see that.

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jim said...

Glad to see another CSI fan in this group.