Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mousey Boy

Harry Potter is very popular in this household.

Larry has read all the books to the boys at bedtime, Jake then reread all the books (devoured really), Nate is staring to tackle them (remember he is only 7) and we have the first three pictures on DVD. As I have mentioned before Buckbeak is a particular favorite with the under 5 crowd.

This results in lots of jumping about while waving sticks and shouting “Expecto Patronum!” This is particular amusing when Max and Rebecca do it.

We also have long discussions over who are friends with buckbeak and the shortcomings of a certain Draco Malfoy. Rebecca can’t quite pronounce Malfoy and she ends up calling him Mouse Boy, which I find very amusing and somewhat fitting. I like it when she turns to me with her big brown eyes opened wide and solemnly tells me that “Mouse boy is a death eater. Buckbeak don’t like him.”

So true Rebecca, so true.

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