Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Today I observed IEATAPETA with gusto. Breakfast included sausages and some nice toast. For lunch I picked up Meryl and we went to Hardees for lunch. There’s nothing like a nice juicy bacon and cheese thick burger to protest peta. Then for dinner we had some nice BBQ at Brock’s. I originally planned to cook steaks, but I was needed at Max and Rebecca’s soccer practice and I couldn’t get home in time to make dinner.

Last year I detailed the reasons why I am against peta. I still find them to be an odious organization. There advertising campaigns often go way over the top and I think their actions are misguided.

You don’t have to eat meat today, a bit of cheese or an egg will do nicely. I just think people need to know about the wolf in sheep’s clothing that is peta.

To see us in all our glory at lunch, mosey over here. We are the second group in the gallery and I must say I do look a bit silly with my burger.

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