Monday, March 06, 2006

Services, Sports and Shopping

We had a quiet weekend.

It started off nicely with our going to Friday services. The kids were pretty good, Jake took the younger two to the playroom and Nate stayed with us. Nate tried very hard to keep up in the prayer book and got the honor of opening and closing the Ark with the Rabbi. He was so cute standing up there with his tie on, half tucked shirt and kippot at a jaunty angle.

On Saturday Nate had baseball practice and Jake had soccer practice, since they conflicted we split up. Larry went with Nate, since he agreed to be an assistant coach, and I got the rest. Jake’s practice was at noon so I decided to give him an early lunch and pack a lunch for the rest to eat in the car. Nothing says fun like a picnic in the car. It really was a rational decision. 11:00 am is a bit early for lunch for the dynamic duo. They would spend the whole time goofing off and not eating. Then they would cry starvation once we got to the soccer fields.

When we got there I escorted my eldest across the parking lot and then joined the two monkeys in the car for lunch. It went pretty well. It was too cold to eat outside and Max and Rebecca thought it was a hoot to eat in the car.

Once all our sporting obligations were fulfilled I left everyone at home and went shopping. By myself. Without my entourage.


I went to one of the new fancy malls in the area to get materials for a dachshund related project (you’ll read more about it later, once it is finished) and to check out dresses.

I need a new dress for the big dinner at the National. Really I do. The one I wanted to wear no longer fits. Apparently having twins pushed out my ribcage and the bodice of my favorite midnight blue velvet dress no longer fits. Even with all sorts of squirming and sucking in. (Poo!) So I looked at all sorts of formal wear. Dillards had a massive sale on “social dresses,” but they were either ugly, too long, had serious wardrobe failure potential and/or were falling apart. Then I went to here and found this dress which was simply stunning, but I generally avoid strapless, because I hate having to hitch up a dress or obsessing about it during the whole time I wear it. Also, at close to $300, it was way out of my price range. They had another dress, but I deemed it to sexy to wear without my hubby in tow. I just want to look nice.

So the dress shopping was a bust, but I did score some nice new leather boots at 75% off and I got to try on dresses without my entourage, which is a treat in itself.

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