Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lunchtime Superheroes

Max, Rebecca and I have gotten into a funny little routine at lunchtime. More often than not they ask for shells for lunch, the shells in question being Annie’s Shell’s & White Cheddar. The stuff is great, it is the tastiest boxed mac &cheese on the market and it is available at Costco by the case for less than a buck a box! Even I like eating it. Not every day, mind you, but once in awhile I’ll join the kids.

The fun part is when we make it. Initially we would have big arguments over who gets to put in the shells in the water and who gets to add the cheese powder once the shells are cooked and drained. Then I hit upon our alternate superhero personas. Rebecca is Cheesy Girl! Max is Butter Boy! And I get to be Milk Mamma!

When it is time to add each ingredient the appropriate superhero gets called forth and loudly proclaims his or her name. There is lots of waving about of spoons and once in a while I cry out “Spoon!” (Which is totally lost on my audience.) As a result lunchtime is great fun.

Here are my little superheroes in their not so secret identities:

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The daffodils are out and we picked a few to grace our lunch table.

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