Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Three: The Chains!

Terry's spring break is over and the Thursday Three has been sobered up and sent out hungry for answers.
THIS WEEK'S thrilling set of questions comes to us via known restaurant-haunter, Dr. Jimbo Smith, who wants all of you to please take a seat and answer the following three questions:
1. What is your favorite chain restaurant?
2. What is your least favorite chain restaurant?
3. What chain do you wish was in your town, or at least a little closer to you?
As always, the questions are open for anyone to answer, even if you hate restaurants with nifty theme bric-a-brac screwed to the walls. Second, I think the definition of a restaurant is pretty broad, so it might be good to narrow it down by saying that it means a place with waiters who come and take your order, rather than a buffet place or a fast-food place. (Here's a list of chains from around the world for your edification and amusement.) Just leave your answers in the comments below, or a link to your blog joint with your response.

Oh boy! Another foodie Thursday Three!

1)My favorite chain restaurant. Hmmm, I guess it would be Ruby Tuesday (with kids) or Outback Steakhouse (without kids). Though, Bob Evans seems to be a good one for us when we are on the road. Oh and I almost forgot the Weathervane. We go there with my Mom when we visit her. It has very good seafood and they are big family friendly (lots of big tables).

2)My least favorite is The Olive Garden. I can’t stand its faux Italian food. But I will give it points for a good salad.

3)I would love to have a Steak n Shake closer to home. They have very good burgers and excellent milk shakes. I first went to one when I was living in the Midwest. I think it was when I was driving back east to visit family or during one of my many dog related road trips. I still have one of their big plastic cups.

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Ironically I’m meeting Meryl today at IHOP for lunch. It’s twinsday and we try to get together and have lunch. IHOP was selected today because it has pancakes (which make the kids happy); it does not stink of cigarette smoke and is a reasonable distance for us to drive. We have also been frequenting the Ukrop’s cafe which has the advantage of good food at very low prices and I can pack lunch for the kids. If for some reason they decided to hassle me about their packed lunches I could point out that most of the ingredients were bought at an Ukrop’s.

I also have to promote my two favorite burger joints: Culver’s and Michael’s. You have to walk up and order your food and then they bring it to your table, so they don’t fit Terry’s definition of a restaurant. They are both in the Midwest, with Michael’s being limited to the Madison area. They are a step above the fast food chains and the frozen custard is amazing. I was very happy to see Frozen Custard when we went to the Outer Banks a few years ago. It is much richer than regular ice cream and is best fresh out of the machine.

Scratch IHOP. Little Miss Rebecca is not well and is now tucked in bed.

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