Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Three Snack Time

This week’s Thursday Three from Terry is nice little nosh.


{snăk; > ME snak = bite; > snaken = to bite; ? > MDutch snacken = to snap at}

1. A hurried or light meal.
2. Food eaten between meals.
3. The subject of today’s Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

Since we had such an overwhelming response to last week’s sugar-infused T-Three, and since everyone loves a nosh, a nibble, or a bite between meals, the Thursday Three Editorial Board decided to produce yet another post along the same lines as the last one, except different, in order to keep things from being too dull. And repetitive. And redundant.

ANYway, this week’s questions are these here ones:
1) What are your THREE favorite sugary snacks?
2) What are your THREE favorite salty snacks?
3) What snack food do you dislike, even though everyone else raves about it?

There now--that should keep you all busy for about five minutes!

1)My three favorite sugary snacks are:
-Chocolate (what a surprise!) in all forms sans nuts. Carmel is a bonus.
-Jelly beans, I look forward to the day after Easter candy sales.
-Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts, they must be straight from the conveyer belt. Though I have reheated them at home in the microwave.

2)My three favorite salty snacks are:
-Salt and vinegar flavoured potato chips that are ideally from Herr’s, but Lay’s will do in a pinch. Utz’s, are unacceptable, they have a bad after taste
-Peanuts, I like dry roasted or salted Spanish peanuts.
-French fries, they must be salted and fresh out of the cooker.

3)I like most snack foods, unless they contain nuts. Then I just eat my way around the offending nut and go my merry way. But that really doesn’t constitute a true dislike, since I can often salvage some part of the snack. The snack food, or rather foods since it’s a toss-up, I dislike are Circus Peanuts and Mary Janes. I know people who like Circus Peanuts, but I think they are vile as do those fine folks at (I love this site!). Mary Janes are a bit more of an enigma. I don’t know anybody who likes them, yet they appear every year in the bottom of the Halloween candy stash. I remember being able to barter with my brother (before he realized how bad they were) my Mary Janes for a chocolate bar. At first he thought it was a great deal! He would get several candies in exchange for one! Cool! More candy! Then he tried to eat them and discovered that he got the bad end of the trade. It only worked for a few years and then he started to remember how bad they were.

Oh, and as a PSA I’m going to tell you to never eat ox-tail flavored crisps. They are found in England and are sold as bar food. They are small packets of potato chips that are supposedly ox-tailed flavor. No one likes them. They are the last type of chip to be sold and only after every other flavor have been sold out. Even then the bartender will warn you that they are very nasty. I was hungry and after several pints I was adventurous and gave them a go. Blech! They have a horrible gym socky flavour that can not be washed out. Do Not Eat Them.

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