Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Say No More!

Well those bad boys of ice cream have done it again. As I was perusing the ice cream case I noticed that the store had a buy one get one free promotion on Ben & Jerry’s. I scanned the selections when what did I see, but a new flavor!

The label’s clever use of cows and a holy grail caught my eye. The description, coffee liqueur ice cream with a chocolate cookie crumb swirl & fudge cows,
made me put it in the cart.

It is delicious. This is my new favorite flavor. The labeling is a big hit with the kids and Jake thought it was very good. It is ironic that it came out just as we are experiencing a “Holy Grail” obsession in our household.

It is too expensive to buy on a regular basis, but it will make a nice occasional treat.

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