Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Artist of the Week: Pen and Ink

cover page
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This week's artist is me!

I found this while we were up at my mother's house. It's a book I made as an art project in high school. The spelling is atrocious and the storyline is a bit dopey, but overall I still like what I did. I did all the calligraphy and the illustrations by hand. I can't remember which order I did them in. I think I did them at about the same time. I would write a bit, leave space for a picture and then break out the watercolors after roughly penciling it out. I don't know if now I would have the courage to do both on the same page.

My teacher, Mr. Fox was very impressed and wanted to keep it, but I couldn't bear to let it go. I think I told him I was giving to my mother and prompted squirreled it away in my room. My mother only got it when my teacher commented about during a conference. Found out, I then had to give it to her. I think I did fully intend to give it to my mother, I just forgot. Teenagers are like that.

page 2
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I remember the whole process I went through, experimenting with different brush techniques to get just the effect I wanted. My favorite was the Chinese dragon.

If you click on either picture it leads to the the set for the whole book. I recommend that you start at the cover page and go through the whole set in order.

It's amazing what I can find at mother's house.

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