Friday, September 14, 2007

Days of Awwww

Rosh HaShanah marks the beginning of the High Holy Days or the Days of Awe. This year the first day of Rosh Hashanah was more like a Day of Awwww.

Thursday morning Larry and I went to services with just Jake in tow. We did not bring Max and Rebecca because they are too young and would have been bored silly. Also I knew that a certain member of our congregation, who does not little children that at not quietly seated, would be present. Short of duct taping the dynamic duo, I knew that even on their very best behavior we would get dirty looks from him. So basically they would have to spend the entire service in the playroom. It would be pointless to pull them from school. Nate was given the option, but with the admonishment that there would be no fighting, arguing, rolling about in the pews, roaming the aisles or going to the playroom. School struck Nate as a better of the two choices. Jake, being only two years away from his Bar Mitzvah, had no choice.

Jake was an utter angel. He paid attention, followed along in the prayer book and was very well behaved. He was so handsome in his plain white shirt and black cords, but that was not the cutest part.

After the Torah portions were read and both Torahs dressed, a little help was needed with the second Torah. Mike called up Jake to the bima and had Jake sit in one of the chairs. Then he proceeded to have Jake hold the Torah until it was time to return it to the ark. I was little concerned about Jake since this was the big Torah and it easily outweighed Jake. I leaned over to Larry and whispered “It’s going to squish Jake.”

But Mike was on the ball and had Jake scoot over a bit and had the Torah standing up on its handles next to Jake in the chair. He was so cute; he was dwarfed by the Torah. I wish I could have taken a picture. And there he sat with his arm encircling the Torah and very mindful of his responsibility. I was very proud of him.

After the Torahs were safely tucked away Jake was sent back down to us. Jake told us later that Mike said he was very helpful and would ask him again to do it next year. Jake was very excited over the prospect and understood what an honor it was.

That was my day of awww.

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