Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lunch Date

Sir Max
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Today I swung by the school to pick up things and drop off things in Max's classroom. I arrived just before lunchtime so I decided to hang around a bit and join my two favorite kindergarteners for lunch. I didn't have anything to eat, but it wouldn't be a problem since I had just eaten breakfast and their lunchtime is very early, 10:45 am to be precise.

Max was absolutely delighted and couldn't keep his eyes off of me. He had a very hard time focusing on his teacher, but to his credit he was able to contain himself. I wasn't the only parent there for lunch and we had fun watching the teacher successfully corral the chaos of the classroom. The magic hour was finally reached and the class lined up to troop down to the lunchroom.

Once we were in the cafeteria, Max was sent to the nurse's office to get his digestive enzymes and I scanned the sea of bright chattering faces for the other half of the dynamic duo. I soon spotted Rebecca and had her move down to the guest table to lunch with her brother and me. She was too was very happy to see me at school.

Lunch was pleasant with my two little chatter bugs. Both were very generous and offered me parts of their lunches. Then a very funny thing happened as lunch was winding down. A parent stopped by our end of the table and asked Max if he recognized him. He did look familiar to me, but I struggled to remember who he was and in what context (soccer, baseball, where????). Then he dropped the bomb on Max, it turns out he is the kids' dentist.

Max immediately clammed up.

He can't stand anybody in a white lab coat and considering what he has been through, I don't blame him.

But Dr. B is a nice guy and was in his street clothes so Max quickly warmed up. in fact at one point he said "Max, i think this is the most talking you have ever done with me."

Then Dr. B's daughter showed up and it was time for the dynamic duo to rejoin their respective classrooms. We all had fun and maybe, just maybe, Max will be a little more cooperative when he next goes to the dentist.

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