Sunday, September 30, 2007


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Jake is in Middle school and as a result he now has electives. Or rather, he has an elective class; sixth graders only get one elective. After quite a bit of thought and a phone call to the guidance consular he settled on band.

During the first class he was asked to list three instruments he would be interested in playing in order of preference. His selections were: trumpet, flute and clarinet. All three are nice to listen to and are reasonably sized. This is important since he has to schlep it to school on the bus and then tote it around throughout the day. Fortunately he has band only every other day.

After endless testing and what not, the band teacher awarded Jake the trumpet. He was very excited and we picked one out last weekend. He has been very good about caring for it (ooh, shiny!) and has been very cooperative about practicing every day. Admittedly it has only been 15 minutes each day and not the full thirty, but he is slowly building up. I'm shooting for 20/day this week. We'll see if it flies.

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