Monday, September 10, 2007

Watching the River

river watching
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I took this photo of Max, Rebecca and Nate on the banks of the James River a few weeks ago. I really like it and I thought I would share with y'all.

I took them down to the river's edge when we were knocking about Richmond while Jake was at his cartooning class. My goal was to entertain the three of them for three hours and not spend any money. So we spent a fair bit of time walking about Richmond.

The first day we did the canal walk. Since I was doing it on the cheap we ended up parking a bit upstream of the canal at the free boat launch lot. As we strolled down to our destination we found a pretty little garden tucked along the James next to the boat ramp. Everybody was too quick for me to snap a picture, but they did settle down at the river's edge.

Rebecca is holding a stick "fishing" while her brothers look on. It was a cloudy day and I like the quality of light. I think it turned out much better than on a bright sunny day. As to the fishing, well... she had no luck, but there is an amazing amount of wildlife in and around Richmond. We saw plenty of fish and all sorts of birds. The James can be a very wild place.

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