Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You Want It Where?

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We have a fair number of Happy Meal toys littered about the house and car. Some are popular, some are lame and some are unintentionally funny.

The latest to our collection are from the Cartoon Network. The toys fare characters from various CN shows and are included with a small colored pencil. The first we one got was Lazlo from Camp Lazlo, which incidentally is my second most favorite show on CN, it's just beaten out by Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

Anyway, we got our little Lazlos and everyone was happy. They all liked their pencil toppers and I though nothing of the new addition to the flotsam in the van. Then I caught sight of the little pictograph/instruction sheet that comes with every Happy Meal toy.

insert pencil
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According to the directions you must insert the pencil in the monkey's bottom. I know this makes me very juvenile, but I could not help giggling when I saw it. What makes it even better is the pose Lazlo was draw in after successful insertion. I think he looks a tad uncomfortable there with his wee little knees together and his popped eye expression.

Don't you agree?

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