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County Fair

merry go round
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Yesterday was gorgeous and was the last day of the County Fair.

The County Fair takes place the end of August and is eagerly anticipated all year long. Events are marked by Rebecca on whether they are before or after the fair. Last weekend was the three H's- hot humid and hideous, so we didn't even mention that the fair had opened.

Saturday was our last chance and we completely lucked out with the weather. We showed up at lunch time and got a quick bit to eat and headed to the midway. This year we all did the bumper cars, then the boys went to the race cars while Rebecca rode the much more sedate bus. Next up was the giant slide and then we were almost out of tickets. Rebecca loves the carousel so that was next.

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At the last minute Max wanted to ride as well, so I sent him in by himself. He scrambled up the horse by himself and proudly rode his steed. Larry didn't even know Max was on the ride until he saw Max get off the ride.

He has gotten to be such a big boy.

At that point we only had four tickets left, enough for one person on one ride, but the siren call of the game booths filled the kids ears. Jake noticed the ping pong ball toss for goldfish and I told him no way. I was not going home with a fish. Instead we headed over to the balloon darts.

Larry and I tried to figure out how many darts to get. All four kids wanted in, but the darts cost $2 for one, $5 for 3 and $10 for 7. The guy running the booth then offered 8 darts for $10, sold! Each kid got two darts. Jake and Nate needed no coaching, but the dynamic duo were another story. Rebecca got the idea and liked being up on the counter. Max was a bit dangerous and I was glad I was behind him. The good news was that all four managed to pop at least one balloon. None of them were winners, but they did get a small consolation toy (the policy is that every kid wins). Then it was off to the races.

pig races
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The same outfit we saw last year was back and as you can see we all had fun watching the animals race around the track.

Next to the pig races was the exhibition hall. Inside all of the crafts, farm produce and baked goods entered were on display. The entry is usually small, but I like seeing the quilts and stuff. Next year I might even get organized and submit an entry in the baked goods competition. I think I would have a definite shot in winning a ribbon. The highlight for the kids was the large model train whizzing about on it's track. The wooden tressel for the bridge was particularly impressive.

It was thirsty work cheering on Hammy Hamlin and looking at trains so we got some snow cones. Or more accurately, we bought snow cones for the kids. The one thing I've learned about snow cones is that I don't need to get my own. Inevitably at least one of the kids has a few bites and declares he or she is full and wants to chuck the remaining 3/4's. Rebecca was first to bail and I got hers and Max followed soon after and Larry got his.

It was a good day to have a snow cone, even if it was leftovers.

barrel ride
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Then it was off to the barrel train. No trip to the county fair is complete without a ride on the barrel train.

This year the train was a little different. Instead of a full fledge farm tractor pulling the train a lawn tractor was acting as the engine. It was a quieter and produced a whole lot less smoke, but I missed the big tractor.

But it was still a fun ride.

You can see Rebecca, Jake and Max on board, with Nate and Larry trailing along behind on foot. I don't know why Nate didn't ride, but that's his choice. I think he just wanted to walk along with his father.

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All that was left was the children's tent and the petting zoo.

Every year the children's tent has a fake cow you can milk, a fake horse you can ride and pretend to rope a fake calf, a corn crib, a sand box, ride on tractors and a Duplo table.

The kids love it. Max and Jake spent most of their time building at the Duplo table, but they did have some fun together in the corn crib. Max happily lolled about in the corn and Jake buried him. Rebecca was in there for a bit, playing with her toy from the balloon dart game, but she had other things on her mind as you'll see below.

Nate's favorite was the tractors. He spent most of his time pedaling about under the tent.

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I think he looks so handsome in this picture. It's hard to believe that my boy is starting third grade next week. He looks so much older, but he still a little boy.

Rebecca meanwhile wanted to go to the petting zoo, so I obliged her.

The set up was different this year. Previous years there was a large central area filled with goats, sheep, llamas and a donkey or two that you could enter to feed the animals and actually mix about with them. This year we were cordoned off from the animals. You could still feed and pet them, you just couldn't be in their enclosure.

This was an improvement, I learned that it was best not to have food on you in the large enclosure. The goats mobbed anybody who had food. A scary situation when you have small children in tow. It was probably also better for the animals. If they did not want to be petted they could easily move away to the other side of the pen.

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Of course the best part for Rebecca was the pony ride. The ring was between the children's tent and the petting zoo. I was able to get this photo as she passed by me while I was with her brothers in the children's tent.

I don't think she could be any happier.

WE all had a good time and the kid's are back to counting down the days until next year's fair.

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