Sunday, September 23, 2007

House Guest

at my soccer game
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This weekend Max got to bring home Ditto Dog from school.

It's a cute scruffy little black and white dog that came in its own little Dr. Seuss themed backpack. A note was included along with Ditto Dog asking us to take it along to wherever we go, maybe take a picture or two and write a note about its adventures. Then the whole shebang gets brought back to school on Monday.

Max had a great time taking Ditto Dog to soccer on Saturday. Ditto Dog sat on the sidelines with Max with its head just peeking out of the backpack. Then he got to watch two other soccer games before we all headed back home.

I offered to have Ditto Dog dine with the dogs using Rally's old bowl, but Max said that was silly and he was concerned that Crunch or John might eat the toy. Max took his responsibility of Ditto Dog very seriously. He has seen what our dogs can do to stuffed animals and it's not pretty.

Tonight I printed out a few pictures we took of ditto dog and asked Max which ones should he take to school when he returns Ditto Dog.

Return Ditto Dog?

Max was surprised and saddened at the prospect. He thought his teacher had given him Ditto Dog to keep.

Luckily he handled the news well and was able to come to terms with the upcoming separation from his new buddy. But that doesn't mean he can't hope to have Ditto Dog return. His big question before going up, "Do you think Ditto Dog might come back to our house?"

My reply was "I don't know Max, he has to visit everyone else first."

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