Friday, September 28, 2007

Something About a Man in Uniform

I went shopping yesterday with Nate, Maxand Rebecca in tow. The dynamic duo were birthday present shopping for their good friend Lydia and Nate was just tagging along. Lydia's party is tomorrow and I thought it would be a nice change to get the present before the big day.

As we walked into the store we got a very clear reminder that Halloween was coming up. I got the bright idea that we could also go costume shopping. The selection will only get worse as H-day draws near.
Rebecca wanted another princess dress, but I squashed that idea. She already has enough, I suggested that she could combine her Cinderella dress (which is a bit big) with her Raccoon costume and be Princess Raccoon. I thought it was a great idea, but it was greeted with a blank stare. She settled on a simply adorable winged dragon. Nate had a hard time choosing between various costumes, but in the end he seized upon a Boba Fett and is very happy.

Max was not too happy in the Halloween costume section. He doesn't like scary or gross things. In fact this aversion produced one of the funnest moments in the store. There was a particularly scary and gory death's head mask and robe in front of the costume display. Nate was intrigued by it, but was thwarted by Max. Standing next to the offending costume and in front of Nate, Max (loudly) announced that if his brother so much as touched that thing he would not go near Nate until his brother washed his hands.

Alrighty then, when Max turned away I hastily shoved the costume out of sight.

Sgt Max
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So obviously Max's costume does not fall into the scary catagory. He choose to be a solider. I thought it looked ok and the size looked fine. We then moved over to the toy section and after a lot of hemming and hawing picked out gifts suitable for a six year old girl. During the ride home everybody was very pleased with their costumes, Rebecca even managed to wiggle into hers before buckling up for the ride home. Once home the boys tore into the house and got on their costumes. Nate looked great, but Max... he was so cute. There is something about a little boy all dressed up in a uniform.

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