Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to School

back to school
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Well we did it.

Four kids at three different schools and three different buses.

Jake was first out, that is a picture of him walking to the bus stop with his father. Larry escorted him to the stop, about one and half blocks away and then went on an early morning bike ride. There are a fair number of kids at the stop and Jake already knows a few.

One down, three to go.

Nate's bus is next, closely followed by Max and Rebecca's. They could have all ridden the same bus, but Nate is in the gifted program and gets to bused to another school.

We got at the stop at about 8:15 and waited for the gifted bus. It should arrive at about 8:25 and then the regular bus at about 8:40.

8:30 came and went, the natives were getting restless. Maybe we missed Nate's bus.

At 8:45 Max and Rebecca's bus showed up, a bit late, but still on schedule. The driver was delighted to see the dynamic duo and was a bit surprised that Nate wasn't coming on. I asked her about the other bus and she told me that she hadn't seen the other driver, but she did see another one of Nate's fellow gifted students waiting at his stop.

So we hadn't missed the bus, it was apparently running late, very late.

I waved goodbye to Max and Rebecca and told the driver that I guess I should drive Nate in myself. If we left now he would just get there on time. She agreed and then shut the door and pulled away.

Nate and i ducked back home. I tried calling another mom about the bus, but got no answer. Nate and I got in the van and started to drive to his school. When we got about a block and half from our house (Jake's bus stop to be precise), Nate's bus pulled onto our cross street. She pulled up next to me and I said" I think I've got one of yours."



"Send him on in, sorry about the hour, I'm running about 15 minutes late." (note:more like 30 minutes if you ask me.)

Nate skedaddled on over and got on the bus and we were all set. He would be late, but he was on the bus and it would be much easier for him to get into his new routine.

And then I was free for the rest of the day.

All I can say is that it is very quiet around here, if you ignore the barky old dog.

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