Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And I Shall Call It Lazarus

As I mentioned yesterday the only real disaster was my cell phone.

During the frantic last minute Bar Mitzvah preparations I had to do a laundry list of last minute errands ranging from picking up a a new tie for Nate (Apparently his current one was no good, bordering on evil. It was just a clip on tie, but it was choking him. The zipper tie I got as a replacement was much better, even though it actually goes ALL AROUND HIS NECK.), some spinach pies for non meat eating members of the family for Friday night dinner and actual laundry.

And that is where it all went wrong, doing laundry. The boys needed to have their white dress shirts washed. As I zipped around upstairs collecting whites from various hampers to pad out the load I saw my shorts on the floor. Normally I'm pretty good about putting dirty clothes into the hamper, but I thought nothing of it and scooped them up. I dumped the whole mess into the washing machine, set the load for hot and walked away.

About an hour later I transferred the load to the dryer and turned it on. While I stood in the laundry room folding sheets I heard an odd thumping noise from the dryer. It was not unlike a shoe thudding around in the interior as it dries. Curious, I stopped the dryer, opened it up for a quick peek and even patted down the wet laundry. I didn't find anything hard enough to explain the noise, so I closed it up and turned it back on.

Thump, thump, thump.

What is that noise?

I opened up the dryer again and decided to get to the botom of the noise. I ended up hauling out most of the wash in search of the thumping noise. Then I found my shorts. They were strangely heavy. As I pulled them out I saw, much to my horror, my cell phone still tucked inside the pocket.

I pulled it out the phone from my pocket and heard a slight squishy noise as I squeezed the case. The screens were blank, it had to be dead.

I left it out on the counter that night and decided not to think about it.

In the morning Nate thought it was hilarious that my phone now made a faint squishing sound when you squeezed the screen. He was all set to take it apart, but I stopped him. I wanted to turn it in when I would get my replacement. For kicks I decided to plug it into the wall charger.

It chimed and a the little red charging light appeared on the outside.

Good lord, it lives!

The little screen on the outside of the phone seems to be completely shot, but the phone works. For the first couple of days post wash the interior screen had a mottled appearance, but now it looks the same as ever. I can call out, check messages, receive calls, and it still can hold a charge. I now have the cleanest phone around and my little LG LX-160 has a new name, Lazarus.

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