Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost There

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Wednesday was planting day.

Jake wanting living plants for the centerpieces at his Bar Mitzvah. It was a reasonable enough request so I had him go plant shopping with me to get some ideas and see what kind of plants he likes. The color scheme we were interested in was primarily orange and yellow with just a touch of blue.

Right off the bat I decided that Vinca would do nicely for the blue. I love the little purplish blue flowers and the shiny dark green foliage is striking. We found a few candidates for the orange and yellow. Jake really liked the puff ball shaped Marigolds, Lantana and some beautiful orange and yellow zinnias. Since it was Sunday we decided to hold off buying the flowers for a couple of days, we wanted them to be at their best on Friday and Saturday.

all pretty
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Meryl came over on Wednesday to help me out with the centerpieces. I had already bought the Vinca, but I still didn't have any oranges and yellows. So we went shopping together came along with me and was a huge help in selecting the flowers. The store we went to didn't have any orange Zinnias. Instead we got Lantana and moss rose.

Once everything was planted in the pretty glass bowls I found for a song, I popped them in the back of the van. Thursday was going to be delivery day.

The centerpieces looked great and I was able to put them together for the fraction of the price for a florist. I was particularly pleased that the arrangements we just the right size.

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