Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Annual Tick Rant

I complained about ticks last year and I'm going to complain about them next year.

I hate ticks. As far as I'm concerned they have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. They rank up there with mosquitoes in annoying insects I would be very, very happy to never see again. I realized they are a valuable food source for birds and other insectivores, but I still detest them.

It has been a truly horrific season so far. I'm finding them everywhere, on the dogs, the kids, me, and even on the sink. I was discussing them with another parent and she was surprised that I didn't save the ones on my children so that the tick could be tested for Lymes. After a brief mental shudder I explained that with four kids I would have so many of the dang things by season's end I would be physically ill just thinking about the collection, much less looking at it.

So on that happy thought I'll share with you a much happy form of the Tick.

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