Friday, June 26, 2009

Garden Update

deck garden
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It has been hot and very, very wet around here and my little freebie container garden has been chugging along.

The self-seeding basil has been growing like crazy. It completely fills one pot and is surrounding my three tomatoes in the other. And yes, that's right, three tomato plants. It turns out I have not just two, three of them.

Judging by their flowers it looks like two are of the Sungold cherry variety (interestingly enough it is not supposed to self seed, but my garden says otherwise) and the third is a slicing tomato. I won't really know until they set fruit.

baby tomato
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And judging by how they are doing, it looks like that will be fairly soon.

Rebecca was very excited to report the other day that we have two baby tomatoes. Which is amazing since I have yet to water the dang things.

I love my little free garden.

And I really love the yummy things it produces.

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